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Benchmark Your Performance

BancLab's FolioInsight provides performance information based on the unique characteristics of your portfolio.

With FolioInsight, you can compare the performance of your portfolio to peer institutions, assess the impact of the business cycle on credit losses, identify key risk factors, and much more.

Drawing from DataBanc, BancLab creates custom benchmark portfolios that reflect your risk profile. By creating multiple benchmark portfolios, you can assess the impact of risk factors on loan performance.

FolioInsight reporting options include:
  Characteristics. Understand the characteristics of the benchmark portfolio, such as sampling criteria, year of loan origination, borrower distribution by industry and geographic location, and portfolio composition by loan maturity and size.
  Probability of default. Measure the default experience of the benchmark portfolio. Defaults are expressed on a static pool basis from the point of origination. This allows you to assess how default risk changes as loans season.
  Loss given default. Learn about the recovery experience for defaulted loans. FolioInsight reports the timing of recoveries, allowing you to measure both ultimate recoveries and the timing of collections. How do your institution's collections compare to industry benchmarks?
  Credit losses. As a product of the probability of default and loss given default, assess historical credit losses for benchmark portfolios. Measure how expected or average credit losses have changed through the business cycle.
  Prepayments. Important for loan pricing and securitization, measure prepayment experience. While prepayments lower credit risk, they also reduce interest income and loan profitability.

Firmly rooted in historical experience, FolioInsight offers transparent answers to complex questions. customized for your needs, drawn on the experience of over 2,000 lenders to benchmark the performance of your small business loan portfolio.

If you'd like to learn more about FolioInsight, or any of our products, contact us.