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BancLab’s products provide unique insight into small business loan performance. While many vendors have resorted to one-size-fits-all models due to data limitations, BancLab’s rich dataset enables us to provide a suite of customized credit risk products.
Products customized to fit your needs. Off-the-shelf credit risk models are often a poor fit for individual institutions. BancLab provides clients with customized solutions for their prepayment and credit risk management needs.

More loan performance data. Drawing from DataBanc, our proprietary database of more than 1 million small business loans, BancLab offers unparalleled insight for market expansion, risk segmentation, loan pricing, capital allocation, loan loss reserves, risk management, and securitization.

More transaction detail. Tracking loan performance at the transaction level enables us to model both the severity and timing of credit losses and prepayments. For example, we can benchmark your ability to recover on defaulted loans on both a cash and present value basis, allowing you to assess your true performance vis-a-vis your peers.

Our products include:

  FolioInsight portfolio benchmarking

  LoanInsight customized loan pricing models

  LossInsight loan loss analytics and forecasting

  SBAInsight real-time performance intelligence

  SecuritizationInsight prepayment forecasting for loan securitizations