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Real-time Performance Intelligence

Whether you are considering expanding into new geographic regions, analyzing the performance of your loan portfolio across various risk factors, or even getting a stronger understanding of your current competitive environment, BancLab's SBAInsight adds the much needed transparency to assist you with such tasks.

SBAInsight is a web-based application that provides you with real-time access to performance and static data information of small business loans spanning 30 years. Through your internet browser, you can drill the entire data across any of the available risk factors (such as industries, regions, maturities, and loan sizes) to gather intelligence on the performance of various sectors. Your own portfolio can be loaded into the application to create real-time comparisons against peer portfolios or to analyze your own historical experience. BancLab’s proprietary forecasting tools allow you to further forecast credit performance against various macroeconomic stress scenarios.

SBAInsight can help you answer such questions as:

What sectors are underperforming in your portfolio and how these sectors perform in peer portfolios?
What will happen to your portfolio in an event of economic downturn?
What are the competitors doing and what is their performance record?
What industries have had poor performance in a given region?
What industries have been under-served in a given region?
What interest rates and maturities have been offered in the market area?

SBAInsight is driven by DataBanc, BancLab's proprietary small business lending database. Drawing on the direct lending experience of over 1 million small business loans, SBAInsight helps lenders understand the performance of small business loans with easy real-time web access.

If you'd like to learn more about SBAInsight, or any of our products, contact us.